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What Is An Amazon FBA Store And Why Is It A Good Investment?

An Amazon FBA Store is an eCommerce store built leveraging Amazon’s Seller Central Program. “FBA” stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, which means that Amazon handles all logistics, from packing, shipping, and customer service.
The world is becoming more and more virtual every day. This goes for the news, socializing, and of course, shopping. In fact, over the last 3 years, Amazon’s third party sellers have generated generous revenues at $80.44 billion in 2020, $103.4 billion in 2021, and an estimated $114.8 billion in 2022 growing at an average rate of 17% each year over just the last three years alone.
With that considered, Amazon has proven that it ranks the highest in opportunity, product marketability, and traffic generation and is why it’s the smartest platform to practice on today.
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“I have a philosophy about life… It’s that the new age freedom isn’t found in being your own boss, working 80 hours a week to travel 2 weeks out of the calendar year, or finally hitting that financial milestone following countless years of dedication chained to an office desk. It’s the freedom to live your life in wonder of it’s luxuries and enjoy it while making your money work those crazy hours for you instead. It is my dearest wish that we at Project Passive can impact any who wish to pursue this newly-defined freedom with us.”


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